Schools And Markets Supported To Fight COVID-19

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In a bid to support the prevention of COVID-19 among high risk areas, a total of 114 primary schools and 36 markets in Kampala and Wakiso districts are set to receive items that will be used to protect the communities against the pandemic.

The items worth over UGX 120 million shillings were flagged off by ChildFund Uganda and their local implementing partner, Kampala Area Federation of Communities (KAFOC).

They include 150 temperature guns, 450 jerricans of liquid soap, 150 sets of hand wash facilities with capacity of 60 liters each and an assortment of information, education and communication materials.

Speaking during the event to flag off these items held at KAFOC offices in Kireka – Wakiso district on Thursday, Prossie Maraka the Program Manager of KAFOC said the items which were purchased with funding from Standard Chartered Bank will help in safe guarding the lives of children and their parents who mostly work in the markets.

“Each of the identified schools and markets will receive a temperature gun, three jerricans of liquid soap and a set of IEC materials with messages on COVID-19 prevention.” Said Maraka

Some of the items that were flagged off during the event held at KAFOC offices in Kireka on Thursday

According to Dr. Charles Luwaga the child Fund Uganda Programs Director, the schools and markets were earmarked because of their tendency to have larger crowds and not enough protection measures to ensure every person accessing these places doesn’t potentially contract COVID-19.

“Our hope is that Ugandans keep being vigilant and mindful of applying the COVID-19 prevention measures as they interact with different people in markets and that our children in school continue to be safe.” Said Luwaga who was represented at the event by Jenner Kanalo the organisation’s Youth development specialist.

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While officiating at the function, Isaac Kawonawo the Kira Municipality RDC hailed NGOs that have come out to suppliement government efforts towards the development of this nation and condemned those that are pushing Ugandans to demonstrate.

“We have many NGOs that are totally doing bad. They are just there entirely for training and sensitizing people on how to demonstrate and reach an extent of facilitating the rioters.” Noted Kawonawo

Isaac Kawonawo the Kira Municipality RDC while speaking during the event to flag off the items to be used in COVID-19 prevention

Kawonawo who is also the head of the COVID-19 task force in Kira Municipality urged Ugandans to observe the ministry of health guidelines against the spread of the virus which has claimed lives of many Ugandans and hospitalised others.

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