President M7 Asked To Repent Ahead Of 2021 Polls

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President Yoweri Museveni has been urged to stick to peace and justice to fulfill God’s calling for his life. 

According to Apostle Ronald Hope Witness, the Senior Pastor at Full Knowledge of God International Ministries president Museveni was called by God to lead Uganda into prosperity, good governance and development.

While addressing journalists at his church yesterday, Apostle Ronald said although president Museveni has had several shortcomings, God is ready to forgive him once he repents.

The apostle who recently prophesized that President Museveni will win the 2021 presidential elections if he returns to God however declined to reveal what sins the president needs to repent for when tasked by reporters.

“There are certain things that are not meant for the public. The message was directed to the president and I already sent it to him. It’s now up to him to take it or leave. “He said

The man of God dismissed claims that in doing this, he is looking for favors from the president.

Early this week, apostle Ronald revealed that  God spoke to him in a dream at the beginning of this year and told him that Uganda’s politics need good leadership like that of Museveni for the country to get more developmental channels through brains.

Quoting his message, Ronald said, “Why cast off the good thing to choose the bad, see your enemy is overtaking you. Satan the devil and his demons-the fallen angels known as aliens have set up evil political groups and evil leaders in the 2021 elections in order to turn away Uganda from the hands of God into the hands of devils against its motto ‘For God and My Country’.”

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