Our Services

We are a media and communications company and one of our primary mandates is to ensure effective and accurate communication between organizations and their clientele through unique patterns of content creation.
This we do via our online and traditional unique platforms. We publish news articles, adverts information via our company website. We also execute public relations and advocacy campaigns.


We offer the best videography services in town. We stick to ethical requirements of cinematography using the latest state – of – the art videography camera and accessories. Contact us for your event videography, we’re reliable and affordable.


Using our high – tech cameras and latest technology to capture your moment. It’s a whole story told perfectly in pictures with our crew @ Dmemories Studios a sister brand. Contact is f0r your event videography, we are reliable and affordable

Audio & Visual Production

We offer the best videography services in town. We stick to ethical requirements of cinematography using the latest state – of – the art videography camera and accessories. Contact us for your event videography, we’re reliable and affordable.


We help you plan your event, work with you as event managers and will deliver you all event supplies. Tents, Chairs, Tables, Podiums, Platforms, Cakes, Cars, flowers, costumes and wardrobe needs. Contact us for Make – Up Services and Decorations.

Online Publishing

We’re an online channel publishing news content, analyses, and opinions on our website, YouTube channel, and other digital platforms( X, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more) Our exciting live coverages, YouTube videos, podcasts and more speak loudly about us. Follow us to update yourself.

Advertising Agency

We’re one of Uganda’s latest and fastest growing advertising agencies. Ethical, Professional and grounded in good cooperation with over 40 Television Stations and more than 100 radio station stations. We are advertising consultants. Let’s get it for you every where, in time and at affordable prices and rates. Tap into our wide media and customer base for your products, advocacy campaigns and services

Internship Training

With our vast team of media gurus, professional and experienced in Radio, Television, newspaper and online productions, SML offers opportunities for young journalists in training institutions to access practical experience. We will post you with one of our media partners for you training without a hustle. Our internship opportunities are open to all in all fields at a fee. Contact us today to book your time

Digital Marketing

We know you need to take advantage of the new era of digital marketing. We will do a brand audit for you, draw you marketing strategy and manage your online platforms to increase you visibility, acceptability and customer loyalty. Don’t be left out, contact us for digital marketing expertise

Public Relations

We’re image and brand experts ready to help grow your brand. We conduct audience engagements to understand your brand perceptions and train your staff in customer service etiquette. We know the value of a powerful and strong brand which in turn is a basis for successful marketing. We have Public Relations gurus for you to leverage on

Concept Development

We have a vast team of creative staff. They will look at your targets and design concept for you to run a successful media campaign, guide you on production and cost – maximization. We have designed successful social and market campaigns in reproductive and family health, social – cultural diversity and behavioural change

Media Monitoring

We help companies monitor media houses where they place their advertising businesses. This is to ensure compliance and value for money. When companies buy media spaces, they require that their bargain is met to the letter. Our media monitoring team is experienced in media buys and will ensure that clients get what they pay for. Our media partnership network is currently 30 TV stations and 113 Radio stations across Uganda. Our monitoring tools and mechanisms are one you can trust

Consultancy Services

SML News UG is a media, advertising, training and public relations consultancy of repute. We have undertaken consultancies for companies and organization that we have seen grow from oblivion. Our team of consultants comprises of top academics, retired civil servants and corporate managers.

Research Services

We undertake social and market research/ surveys for companies and organizations. Whether you want to read your market or brand position, product or service position, social awareness and advocacy to inform your policy and strategy reviews, we are available. We conduct research in the most professional, authentic and ethical manner. Contact us today.

Media Buying

We do media buying for you to save you of high costs and stressful negotiations with media houses. We will advise on which media suits your interests and will give you mileage. We have done this and we are doing it right now. Trust us with your money and marketing strategy with the media.