DP’s Mao To Kick Off His Presidential Campaigns In Kasese Tomorrow

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Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Norbert Mao has called on his supporters to respect their opponents ahead of his campaigns which kick off tomorrow in Kasese district.

He said DP is a peaceful party which is desired and trusted by the majority adding that disrespect and use of bad language among supporters is uncalled for.

“I want to urge my supporters please don’t harass any other candidate listen to them don’t go on social media to abuse people’s mothers. I’m talking to you the way Jesus talked to his people, if they slap you on one cheek, turn the other cheek, that’s when they will know that you belong to DP that’s how they will know that you are a follower of Norbert Mao. I don’t want my followers to be different from me, my followers please be like me because all the other candidates’ followers are like them” Said Mao

Mao who decried disunity among people yearning for change in this country noted that his campaign will focus on nation building and reconciliation.

Meanwhile, the party announced winners of the Mao 2021 presidential campaign poster at an event held at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala today.

The best campaign poster which was selected to be the official campaign poster for Norbert Mao the DP party presidential candidate in the 2021 presidential election

The contest which was launched two weeks ago involved designing a campaign poster for Norbert Mao the party’s presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections and it attracted about 170 entrants.

A panel of judges including seasoned marketeirs, talented graphic designers and advertising specialists among other people was instituted to select the top three contenders.

Bruce Nuwagaba who emerged winner of the contest walked away with 1 million shillings. The first runner up Marvin Paul and the second runner up Andrew Lutakome were also rewarded 500,000 shs and 300,000 shs respectively.

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The winner of the Mao 2021 presidential campaign poster contest Bruce Nuwagaba ( in maroon T-shirt) explaining how he came up with the design of the poster that emerged the best during the event held at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala today

The best poster is going to be used as Mao’s official campaign poster for the 2021 presidential election.

Speaking at the event, Mao who is also the president general of the party encouraged the youth to dream big and not shy away from such opportunities since they also lead to connections to powerful people.

“Participating in these contests can open doors for you. Never fear to step forward and participate in whatever it is. You will always regret the things you haven’t done and not the things you have done. Tomorrow you will be 90 years and you haven’t even stood for LC1. The way you compete sometimes is more important than whether you win or lose” explained Mao

He narrated how participating in a contest as a young lawyer way back in 1993 organised by the US government in which he was selected among the winners positively changed his life.

“In 1993, as an under employed young lawyer sleeping in a small store in Bakuli belonging to a friend, I saw a contest sponsored by the US government. I borrowed a second hand type writer and typed my essay after three months I received a letter that I was among the continental essay writing contest winners” Narrated Mao

He added ” I went and shook hands with the American ambassador and they also gave me 150 dollars which was alot of money at that time. A few days after I was invited to fill a form and then the ambassador told me that I had been invited to attend the young African Leaders program for over six weeks in the US where I also got an opportunity to visit all the states of America. All this was because I made a decision.

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