Kibalama-Kyagulanyi Political Business Was A Museveni Trap Well Laid

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Odaka Asuman

For about a month now I have avoided watching TV, reading Newspapers nor listened to any radio bulletin for one reason- to avoid Kibalama crap.

This is not because he is not news worthy but as a protest of how an entire nation’s conversations can be reduced to a celebration of wickedness.

In a country where over 100 people are dying everyday because of malaria, 19 mothers are losing their lives while giving birth, 50 people are perishing in accidents because of bad roads, schools are closed and the future of our children hangs in balance, the security of citizens and their properties is no longer guaranteed, Covid19 community infections are uncontrollable and the fire at Makerere University one of Africa’s greatest institution couldn’t attract sustained media attention, a crucked action of an operative by birth is the hottest trending news.

I have known Mr. Nkonge Moses Kibalama, for sometime. I know his brand of politics, I know a bit of his history as the official bodyguard of Paul Mwanga and secrete police of the UPC2 I can tell his next action by the caliber of people he chooses to speak to at particular moment.

I have worked with him at NCF, I can confidently say I always get scared of any move he makes. For those who understand the science of remotes, Mr. Kibalama could contextually fit into the illustration.

When I saw him purportedly “transferring Power” to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi, I made a phone call to hon. Henry Lubowa and all we predicted have come to pass and more in the offing.

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In fact I have three people who called blaming me for not advising Robert Kyagulanyi against dealing with Nkonge Moses Kibalama.

My answer then and now is that sometimes in politics, we learn through experience. Maybe this is a learning process for the #PeoplePower leader.

I can state without fear of contastation that even the people who went to court contesting the change of name and transfer of power of the said Political party, were all staged by Kibalama and his handlers. The planning meeting and facilitations towards the same project were made around Buganda road.

And nearly all those so called members of his party are security operatives, of course including Ndugu Kibalama himself. I can even guess with precision where each reports.

So the issue of Kibalama is a complicated mind game, reinforced by lazy, compromised and sometimes gallible media.

Many times I don’t even want to believe how actually #HEBobiWine couldn’t use his extensive capabilities to detect this abvously Museveni setup or at least do basic background check of the man they want to do political business with.

Am honestly worried of a situation where court would give the judgement similar to what it handed to UPC.

But my disappointment is not only with the Kamwokya team but everyone who attempts to work and trust Mr. Kibalama in the running of state affairs. This ofcourse means the CDF has deeply disappointed me.

Gen. David Muhoozi had for long projected himself slightly above suspicion, as a man we could trust especially heading an institution that we hoped would hold this country together as we head towards a more uncertain future.

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Yes, I don’t trust many of our men and women in uniform having chosen to dirten in partsan Politics of the NRM brand.

Yes Gen. Muhoozi could have thought that in dealing with Kibalama, he is serving the interest of his CIC but it’s damaging to the strategic image of the army as an institution we would rely on to hold this divided county together.

I wish to disclose to those in positions of power especially those belonging to our generation that given the uncertain future of this country, some of us are in desparete search for a figure that could hold this country together, a revelation of this kind disappoints us especially if you are a Muhoozi of our time.

What is happening in the DP can give us a lead towards where NUP may end into.

Mr. Museveni will do everything to frustrate all the interests that have found solace in the NUP and Robert Kyagulanyi as a person.

But to do this, he needed a person extremely shrude, pigheadedly and a Muganda but highly disposeable to use him to not only frustrate Bobi Wine’s ambitions but constantly put the entire NUP into disorganisation.

In Kibalama this fitting need was found. Now send me my popcorn

The writer is a political activist from Tororo Municipality
WhatsApp: 0753195384

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