Introducing Exo Mix Drink

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Exo Mix drinks

With the on going pandemic and simultaneous Lockdowns. Many are stressed, bored, others need to tryout new adventure.
However,human existence and ingenuity has brought a new episode of unmatched adventure. Where boredom, stress, love for the favorite drink is solved.

It’s time to keep our focus on a new product called EXO Mix. EXO Mix Drink is an alcopop drink, manufactured with highest quality standards in Belgium.

It withholds its uniqueness in two flavors; Vodka Energy. It is an energy drink with a vodka just enough to discover your enigmatic self-side.

The second flavor is the Vodka Orange Mix. A drink that is a replica of a new cocktail experience which gives you a sweet taste of Oranges.

So now you realize both the strength and passion are mixed in a 250ml can and alc. 18% as sparkle for the hype identity of the moment.

If you need to enjoy to the fullest without compromising the sense that makes us appreciated by friends, family and the new people you intend to meet. EXO Mix is the answer.

For home parties, outdoor functions, tours, game drives, EXO Mix definitely the best choice.

For orders and deliveries please contact +256752916391 or order online on Jumia and drink taps

You can keep tabs by following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – @EXOMixUg

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