Limit The Number Of Worshippers During Xmas Prayers -Church Leaders Urged

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With a few days left to Christmas, the Archbishop of the church of Uganda the Most Rev. Dr. Samuel Kazimba Mugalu has urged church leaders to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) against the spread of COVID-19 as they conduct Christmas prayers.

Dr. Kazimba says although many worshippers tend to flock churches for Christmas prayers, church leaders need to work out modarities to ensure the number of congregants doesn’t exceed the mandatory 200 to enable social distancing among other guidelines put in place by government to safe guard the lives of Ugandans amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

“There is need to revise the number of church services by church leaders to be able to accommodate the big number of worshippers the christmas prayers usually attract. I want to call upon the christians to discover the time of your worship at your particular church and make a plan which service to attend because every service must not exceed the mandatory 200 people.” Said Dr. Kazimba during his first visit at St. Peter’s church of Uganda Wandegeya yesterday.

He revealed that there will be a special broadcast of the Christmas prayers on various national televisions and live streaming on social media to cater for those that will have missed church services.

Meanwhile, the archbishop reminded christians to use the birth of Christ to worship God and to mentain peace in both their homes and communities during the celebrations.

Archbishop Samuel Kazimba Mugalu speaking to congregants at St. Peter’s COU Wandegeya on Sunday

“We should worship God and also ensure there is peace in our homes and amongst our neighbors and in the country at large. We should avoid domestic violance and live harmoniously with one another.” Dr. Kazimba emphasised.

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For his part, Rev. Moses Nyombi a priest at St. Peter’s COU Wandegeya urged Ugandans to be mindful of their lives as they celebrate this Christmas.

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