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Owino Market Leaders Speak Out Following M7’s Directive To Disband Leadership For All Kampala Markets

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Following president Museveni’s directive for the immediate disbandment of all leaders for Kampala government markets and abattoirs the leadership of St. Balikudembe Market aka Owino has urged president Museveni to institute an independent Commission to look into matters of the market before the directive is implemented. 

According to a September 25th, 2020 letter to the Kampala Minister, Betty Amongi, Museveni said he is fed up of the hijack of markets and abattoirs in Kampala by people who later become leaders of various associations in these public places but end up exploiting other members of the public.

He said the 16 government markets with 122,400 sellers and six abattoirs with 280 slaughters are being exploited by the cliques of leaders that hijack the associations and collect money in form of taxes from the people.

While addressing press in Kampala today, Sulaiman Ssewalu Ssemakula the deputy publicist St. Balikuddembe market refuted claims of extortion of the public through taxation.

“At St. Balikuddembe there is no exploitation of people, there is no such a thing like charging Shs 2,000 per bunch of banana entering the market also it’s the responsible entities that manages the water and electricity at the market and not the association leadership. He said this can be proved only if an independent commission is instituted to verify the claims.

He said these matters are being driven by mafias who misinformed the president with an aim of taking over the market for their selfish interests. 

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