About Us

Our Profile


Founded on the 14th day of September 2020, SML News Ug is a media, advocacy

and publishing company, fully registered with the Uganda Registration Services 

Bureau (URSB) as a company Limited by guarantee, Reg No:80020002712931

Our mandate

We are a media, communications, consultancy, content production and 

publishing company.

We do advocacy and social campaigns on selected themes agreed from time to time. 

We publish news, execute public relations and advocacy campaigns through online and traditional media.

Our Mission

To professionalize gathering, preparation and dissemination of Information and communication.

Our Vision

To be Uganda’s leading content creation and production house of influence.

Our Goal

To reach all audiences through provision of appropriate, ethically prepared and disseminated content.

Our core objectives

To offer professional media, public relations and advocacy services.

To ease access to information by tapping into the vast resources of new advancements in Information Technology.

Support improvement of livelihoods through provision of communication for an informed citizenry.

Who we have worked with

As part of our themes this year, we are promoting Reproductive and Neonatal Health.

We are producing and running the first ever Television show on Pediatric, Neonatal and Child health.

The show named KUZA focuses on the health of mothers, fathers and newborns below 5 years. it airs on Dream TV, Bunyoro TV and Impact FM on Wednesdays at 8-9pm.

We are set to roll out the production of short messages/clips on Reproductive and Maternal health. These messages will air on Salt media.

Our Human Resource capacity

We work with a vast and diverse team of professionals in various fields of;

Journalism and Mass communication

International business

Information Technology

Research studies

Legal work

Public Health and Medical practices 

This team is superintended by a Team Leader who is the Chief Executive Officer

supervised by a Board of Directors/Trustees.

Our Technical capacity

We run a production house.

All content is created, edited and produced with modern equipment and expertise.

We have a content creation team, a publishing crew for articles, Radio and TV shows.

We have special interest in production of content that appeals to women, adolescents and youths.

To contact us:

We are located at:

Plot 5, Bhatia Chambers

2nd Floor, Room 40, Parliamentary Avenue

P.O. Box 141209, Kisaasi Rd

Tel:   +256703700309 / +256761660929

Email: smlnewsug24@gmail.com