Entebbe International Airport has seen a significant increase in passenger numbers in February 2024 compared to the same period last year.

According to statistics released by the airport authorities, a total of 177,367 international passengers passed through Entebbe Airport in February 2024. This figure includes 83,483 arriving passengers and 93,884 departing passengers, with an average of 6,116 passengers per day.

This represents a substantial increase of 39,162 passengers compared to February 2023, showcasing a growing trend in air travel to and from Uganda.

The airport also saw a high volume of passengers in January 2024, with a total of 196,199 passengers recorded. Among these passengers were 1,918 individuals specifically traveling for the NAM/G77 conference, highlighting Entebbe Airport’s importance as a key gateway for international events and conferences.

The increase in passenger numbers is a positive sign for Uganda’s tourism and aviation sectors, indicating a growing interest in the country as a travel destination. It also reflects the efforts of the airport authorities in providing efficient services and facilities for travelers.

As Entebbe International Airport continues to attract more passengers, it is expected to further boost the country’s economy and tourism industry, showcasing Uganda as a vibrant and accessible destination for international travelers.

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