Mr. Mathias Mpuuga, the former Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, is scheduled to address the public today, March 26, 2024, at the Parliamentary Commission Boardroom. This conference follows his recent dismissal from the position of Parliamentary Commissioner by the NUP.

Using his X platform (formerly Twitter) yesterday, Mpuuga called on journalists to attend and hear his statement addressing allegations of corruption and abuse of office during his previous role. He also intends to explain his acceptance of a ‘service award’ amounting to Shs 500 million from the parliamentary commission.

Not long ago, the National Unity Platform (NUP) urged Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga to step down from his position as parliamentary commissioner after he admitted to receiving 500 million shillings. In an official statement from the NUP secretariat, party President Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, organized a meeting with key party leaders to address corruption allegations involving Mpuuga and other NUP officials serving as commissioners.

The allegations implicated Mpuuga and other commissioners in irregularly allocating large sums of money to themselves under the guise of service awards, with Mpuuga reportedly receiving 500 million shillings.

According to the press statement from NUP, during the meeting, Mpuuga admitted his involvement in the allocation of money and issued an apology. The statement emphasized that Mpuuga was strongly advised to step down from his role as parliamentary commissioner with immediate effect given the circumstances.

Despite his prior silence on the matter, Mpuuga has now hinted at his next move, which could involve two possibilities. He may choose to resign from the parliamentary commission to avoid a prolonged conflict with the party, or he could opt to retain his position considering the party’s lack of numerical strength in Parliament.

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