Anita Among, Speaker of Parliament, has called on African countries in the Commonwealth to use their large population to promote African values and goals.

During the 86th Executive Committee Meeting of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (Africa Region) at the Protea Hotel in Entebbe, Speaker of Parliament Anita Among highlighted the importance of leveraging Africa’s numerical strength within the Commonwealth. She emphasized the CPA Africa Region as a key platform for promoting unity, sustainable development and growth among African nations.

Among expressed concerns about the historical colonial legacies that continue to divide and exploit African countries, stressing the need for leveraging Africa’s significant population in advancing shared strategic interests. She urged African nations in the commonwealth to utilize the Association to address challenges and promote the liberation of Africa.

She called for collective advocacy towards fair trade, Industrialization, sustainable resource management, protection of African values and addressing humanitarian crises caused by natural and human disasters. Among urged African countries to work together to champion these causes and ensure prosperity for all.

Among expressed her confidence that the meeting would act as a driving force for positive transformation. She emphasized the importance of unity in negotiations within the broader Commonwealth to bring about the positive change.

Furthermore, Among strongly advocated for rejecting the classification of the CPA as a charity organization in the UK. She highlighted the disparity in charitable needs between Africa and the UK, citing historical injustices such as colonialism, imperialism, unfair trade and climate change disasters. Among called for a shift away from contributing resources as subscription fees to a charity organization in the UK, asserting that it is unjust and unsustainable.

She urged African countries to push for the independence of the CPA from the UK, emphasizing the importance of maintaining membership in CPA that operates as an international parliamentary organization rather than a charity. Among proposed collaboration with other Commonwealth regions to ensure the CPA operates independently from the UK government control.

The CPA is a global organization of Commonwealth Parliaments and Legislatures dedicated to promoting good governance, democracy and human rights. Meanwhile, the CPA African Region specifically focuses on advancing the interests and perspectives of African regional parliaments and countries within the Commonwealth and beyond, with a commitment to gender equality, women’s empowerment and upholding human rights, democracy and good governance.

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