Entebbe International Airport, the primary gateway to Uganda, has witnessed a notable surge in international passenger traffic in recent years.

The airport’s latest figures for October 2023 reveal a total of 171,978 arriving and departing passengers, marking an average of 5,547 passengers per day. This data underscores the airport’s growing significance as a key hub for regional and International travel.

The figures for January to October 2023 further exemplify the airport’s upward trajectory, with a total of 1,562,407 international passengers recorded during this period. This represents a substantial increase compared to the corresponding periods in 2022, which saw 1,293,866 passengers, and 2019, which recorded 1,470,488 passengers.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the First Lady Janet Museveni while in Uganda Airlines AIRBUS A330 800 NEO

The consistent year-on-year growth in passenger numbers is a testament to Entebbe International Airport’s expanding role in facilitating global connectivity and fostering economic development in Uganda.

The surge in passenger traffic can also be attributed to Uganda’s growing prominence as a destination for tourism, business, and investment hence contributing to increased international travel to and from the country.


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