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Political temperatures are high in Jinja following the declaration by supporters of the Minister for the Presidency Babirye Milly Babalanda that their own will contest for the Jinja City Woman MP seat in 2026.

Babalanda who is known for her enigmatic mobilization skills is a very popular figure in Jinja. She had earlier been rumored to be preparing for the District Woman MP seat in Buyende where she owns a palatial estate in Iringa.

A fortnight ago, word went round that the “maama” as she is popularly known will now contest for the Jinja City Woman slot currently held by Manjeri Kyebakutika “Omutembeyi” of the National Unity Platform. Manjeri Kyebakutika beat FDC’S Nabukwasi Qauthara Maganda and NRM’s Annet Musika in 2021 and still looked comfortable to beat them for a second time in 2026. She’s known for excellent performance among the lowly and less privileged which has given her a tight grip on the constituency.

She is also the only NUP lawmaker and fourth opposition MP from among the 44 legislators from Busoga sub – region. FDC has 2 against JEEMA’s only Asuman Basalirwa.

Political strategists are back on their drawing boards after the entry of Milly Babalanda in the race. Babalanda is well resourced and connected but also a house hold name in Jinja.

She is respected for having used her office to deploy many young people hitherto known as failures in life huge but now most influential the region in Busoga.

She boosts of the constituencies of the respectfully married women politicians,the Seventh Day Adventists where together with her husband are top church leaders,the youths that she has always kept near and mentored well,powerful NRM mobilizers,Museveni’s loyalists,the Kyabazingaship where she passionately contributes and the fraternity of serving and former RDCs majority of whom are her own making.

She’s loved as a good listener popular among all age groups and a testimony of the victors who have risen from grass to grace. She has no known scandals that would dent her image and carries no political baggage from Busoga’s well known political supremacy wars.

With all this in her favor coupled with sufficient resources, Babalanda has assembled a robust team of political strategists led by some of  the most influential  politicians and government officials in Busoga.

The lead team includes RDCs Majid Dhikusooka (Pallisa), Kulaba Isabirye (Buyende), Richard Gulume (Jinja) and a one Faruwa Kitakule among others. These are not only experienced with Jinja politics but are known go – getters senior in vote rigging if their candidate was weak.

Unless the NUP wave known to engulf urban centers grows stronger, Milly Babalanda may be bad news for the incumbent Manjeri Omutembeyi. There are also debates that BMB is bigger than a mere Parliamentary slot in the city.

It is a 50 – 50 for the soft spoken, Seventh Day Adventist, mother figure and most powerful woman politician of Busoga today, Babalanda remains tight – lipped on the said Parliamentary bid but her troops are mobilizing as if today is merely an election eve. Zinadd’okunywa!




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