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“Susan, Ali will be coming to your room tonight. Make sure he is happy by the time he leaves. Let me not hear any drama this time round. Hope you are git me perfectly well.”

Baba issued the directives to me with a King’s authority in his voice. Madam, Baba’s wife critically toured my entire body with her eyes as if to make sure I had precisely taken the instructions just issued by her husband.

“Spread your legs apart you bitch or I will strangle you,”

Came Baba’s commanding voice that I had by now gotten used to. My hands were tied with a sisal rope and fastened to the head side of the giant wooden bed. My clothes were stripped off save for an undergarment that had also been pulled aside to reveal the side of my womanhood. Ali was racing from one side of the small servant room to another while completely naked and sweating like he had just left a sauna. He muttered words that sounded weird to me but seemed like he was protesting against my obstinacy against letting him have his way with ease.

Madam, Ali’s mother stood by the door as if to make sure I do not escape. She was hoping a lubrication tube that was always used while aiding their lunatic son to rape me.

Such nights had always been a nightmare to me. Ali was an epileptic lunatic son of this family. He git a mental breakdown following a relationship heartbreak as a teenager and has never looked back since then. He is now aged between 30 and 35 and has never been married let alone have children of his own. Sometimes he gets so wild and attacks anybody that gets in his way, including hurting himself at times. In circumstances like these, it’s love making that calms him down. Many girls had been hired to take care of him but none lived beyond one month.

I fought and fought until I had no more energy to go on. I watched Ali dangle his insanely giant manhood towards my helpless body and wished I could die. His mother reached towards me and sprinkled some drops of the lubrication she was carrying, enough for her son to have a seamless pleasure with their victim. Ali forced himself on me as his shameless father and mother aided him by pulling my legs apart. He had an unbearably big manhood that not even the artificial lubrication improvised by her mother could avert the pain.

After a long rough ride, Ali shook uncontrollably and breathed profusely as a man that is possessed. He then climbed off his motionless victim and, supported by his father, left my room.

His mother, madam as we usually referred to her, stayed for a little longer, standing just at the door way looking at me critically without saying a word. She seemed to feel sympathy for me but had nothing to do after all, it was her son’s demon they were feeding. She wiped something that looked like a tear from his face with the edge of her night gown and left, switching the light off behind her.

This was not the first time this was happening. On the very day I was brought here from the slave market where slave girls are auctioned like animals, I was dosed and tied on the bed and raped. We arrived with Baba at about 7 O’clock in the evening and went to bed immediately after having supper and showering. There was another black servant who I learned that night that she was called Hannah. At first, I thought it was a dream for I was only semi conscious. When I woke up, I could feel pain inside my genitals and the joints between the palm and the arm where I had been tied and the foot joints.

The following morning, Hannah come to me and expressed concern that I didn’t look well. To her, something terrible must have happened to me. Although she had not witnessed anything that night, she certainly knew something had been done. It’s then that I learned that she was from Kenya, our Ugandan neighbours to East. Her English wasn’t that good as she principally communicated in Swahili. She was also fluent in Arabic, that’s what I though, maybe it’s because I didn’t know the language yet. This suggested that she had been in Audi Arabia long enough entire me who was here for my first job in the country.

Because she was accommodative and free, I felt she was so.eone I could trust with my secret. I explained to her how I was feeling and she came closer to examine me. Upon taking a close look, she gaped and opened her eyes wide, although her face still remained relaxed.

” This is Ali. Ali visited you last night. He did this to you.”

He did what? Tell me. Who is Ali and what did he do to me?

Judging by the look of her eyes, I knew the worst had happened. The worst nightmare for any woman. A certain scumbag had disgraced me. Who could it be? Baba? No. It can not be. Baba is an old man supposedly in his early 70s or so. Besides, he looked so responsible and kind to do such a heinous thing against someone who qualifiez to be his grandchild. Who then could that person be, I hadn’t seen anyone else apart from madam, Baba and Hannah who was here confirming the worst news of my life to me.

” Ali is the only child of this family. He is a lunatic and only gets out of his room when he is going to sleep wraith someone.” Hannah broke the silence at least.

Her words pierced by already frightened heart like a knife. I had heard of all sorts of bad things that could happen while in Saudi Arabia but raping me on my first night was the last thing I had expected.

” He is a darling of his parents. They have tried everything to heal him but his situation just keeps getting worse. They have been hiring girls to look after him but in the actual sense, they are brought in to satisfy his devil. When he takes long without sleeping with someone, he becomes violent. He has even attempted to rape his mother more than once.”

Have you ever been molested by him as well? I asked her but she just smiled and didn’t say a word. I remembered what Baba had told me while at the auction. He told me there wouldn’t be much work at the house since there were only two grownups besides him. He also talked of another maid servant who would soon be leaving following the end of her contract. Was I going to be here as a sex toy of someone’s lunatic son forever? No, it won’t be.

” Just know you have entered the cage and there is no way out. I have spent two painful years doing just what you have been brought to do. Now he is tired of me. I no longer satisfy him and that’s why they have had to hire a new person.” Hannah assured me, multiplying my fears tenfold.

No. That won’t happen with me. I won’t allow anybody to use me like that. I am a human being with the right to chose who I make love with. Besides, I am not here for love making. If they don’t have other things to do for then, I will ask them to send me back to the office. That’s what I will tell them.

” You think it’s that easy? I would be in Kenya for two years now if it were so simple as you seem to think.” Hannah emphasised dismissing my determination to fight the same aggression she has endured for two years now.

That day, we spent it together with Hannah, helping her with the chores here and there. She knew she was heading out soon and I would be doing the work she has done for the last two years. Including feeding Ali’s devil. The pay here was exceedingly more than the average maids received for doing similar errands. Besides, the workload was relatively less. This could partly be the reason as to why Hannah had stayed here for a whole two years, enduring the dehumanising sexual slavery.

Do you have children back in Kenya? I asked as I helped her stack more clothes in the washing machine.

She paused for a while before finally responding. ” I don’t have any, I may say. Not that I have never produced. She rolled her big eyes, as white as a piece of paper, and looked in the skies trying to avoid eye contact with me. When she looked down, her eyes were red and I could sense that she was feeling pain. A pain I didn’t know where it came from. She grabbed a bunch of bedsits from the washing machine and dropped them at the ironing table. She didn’t speak for a while, neither did I. I was scared any more questions would evoke more pain in her. I didn’t want to spoil the day beyond what I had already done.

We continued doing our work in silence for a while. I cleaned the washing lounge as she ironed the clothes. After making sure everything was tidy enough, I approached the ironing table and grabbed the flat iron and started ironing as she piled the load together and took it away to where I didn’t know at the time. Her eyes had been red all along. When she returned once after delivering the ironed clothes, her cheeks were wet. She had been crying. This spectacle was so frightening for me. She must have endured a lot in this house, a lot more than she has shared with anyone, let alone me who is in the same boat with her now. I knew I would soon find out even if she didn’t wish to tell me. I would find out the dark secrets of this house on my own.

” I had a baby girl when I left Kakamega to come here. Her name was pretty. She finally broke the silence. I heard never heard the word Kakamega before but I certainly knew it must be a place in Kenya. I listened attentively for I never wanted to interrupt her lest I divert her willingness to feed me with the information I badly needed at this time.

” She was called Pretty and she was the prettiest thing I have ever seen.”

Her eyes dilated as and lit up. She dearly loved this girl and anybody would feel it.

” I became pregnant while still in secondary school. My parents were very bitter with me. I was their only girl and my father had vowed to do all it would take to see me through school. He was not a man of good means financially but he would do anything for his children’s education. When I conceived, he was honestly broken and took to heavy drinking. I had become a disappointment to my family.

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When Tom-my boyfriend, learned of my pregnancy, he fled and I never heard from him again. My father had threatened to lock him up and he was scared. We were both teenagers, just kids.”

Her daughter had died while still here. The bosses here never allow maids to have mobile phones. They only allowed communicating home once every month and under close supervision. They, perhaps, feared that their dark secrets would be reported to cause them trouble.

Hannah only learned of her daughter’s death after nearly two months. She had contracted malaria and her mother, who lived with poor Pretty, couldn’t respond in time to save her because she didn’t have the money for the hospital. She desperately tried local herbs but they didn’t do much to help as she only grew weaker. They had persistently tried to reach out to Hannah to inform her of her baby girl’s struggles with no success. Baba and his wis wife, on whose phone they used to get her had travelled to Dubai and didn’t return until two month later.

By the time Pretty was delivered to the nearby clinic, it was too late. She was pronounced dead and was buried without her mother’s knowledge. She had endured all this pain. Maybe that’s why she didn’t strive so much to return home because her most precious treasure had gone. She considered herself more dead than alive.

Yet what surprised me about her is that she remained very positive. She had a contagious smile that made her even more attractive. She was a beauty despite her dark complexion. Her large eyes and snow white teeth with a beautiful gap inbetween exacerbated her already attractive looks.

” The Bible says that everything happens for a reason and there is time for everything. Maybe something worse could have happened to you if you hadn’t left your country. Maybe God is preparing you for something greater through this test. We should never question God’s judgement. Maybe this is the way he answered Ali’s prayers of having some joy.”

Was she referring to her being raped by a lunatic as being God’s plan! Was she serious?

Hannah had a personality I had never seen before. With all the he’ll she had been through, she still never harboured any grudges with anyone. She always wished the best for everyone including her adversaries that had mistreated her all these years. She prayed for Ali every night and said it was not his fault that he raped her. She wanted God to heal him and get a new life and have a wife and have his own children.

She is an Angel. The only one that lives among humans on earth. That’s what I thought of her.

Nonetheless, I was not going to take this route, however much she tried to convince me. My principle is ‘ an eye for an eye’ and for molesting me, Ali deserved to die. That’s what I wished him and nothing less. I was also determined to fight for my rights and leave this house as soon as possible. I only wanted to wait for Baba to come back from work and ask them to buy for me a phone and a SIM card so I could knit a strategy that would send me back to the office so I could get a new house, or, at the very extreme, return to my country.

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