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Respected City Journalist Sir Simon Muyanga Lutaaya has appealed to the Government not to dare arrest National Unity Platform (NUP) supreme leader, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu in the interests of National security.


Muyanga’s remarks comes at a time various regime loyalists have been calling for something to be done to check on Wine’s sectarian talk which could plunge the country into a deeper catastrophe.


While speaking in Luwero last week, Bobi launched an open attack on President Museveni whom he said has grossly mismanaged the country working with a small clique comprising of relatives and friends. He also said that the ruling group have imensely sidelined ethnic Baganda whom they have turned into a real curse in their own country.


The Director of CID Major Godfrey Magambo, on Monday threatened that Kyagulanyi could be arrested to be interrogated over the remarks in Luwero.



But Muyanga has urged security to ignore whatever Bobi Wine has said, since arresting him would turn more problematic.


Taking to his Twitter handle, Muyanga said that regardless of the degree of damage Kyagulanyi’s sectarian message threatens to cause, such can not prosper. He exemplified with Late Hajji Hussain Kyanjo who he says preached the same message but it died a natural death.

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