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As jubilations continue in Busoga following the announcement of the Inhebantu(Queen) yesterday, information regarding the lucky woman has remained exclusively scanty.

SML news, however, has managed to dig deepest where no one else has managed to, to bring out to our anxious readers who really are the parents of the lucky mother of the Busoga nation.

Contrary to the many imaginations from the people of Busoga and the country at large that Jovia Mutesi ( now Her Royal Highness) is a girl from a very humble background whose parents are unknown beyond her secluded village in Mayuge, the new Kingdom mother is actually a daughter of one of the most prominent leaders of the Eastern fishing district of Mayuge.

Mr Stanley Bayole is the father of 28 year old Jovia Mutesi, and thus Father In-law to the reigning Kyabazinga of Busoga, William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV.

Bayole is also President Museveni’s Envoy (Resident District Commissioner)in Bulambuli District, Bugishu sub region.

Before being appointed Presidential Envoy, Bayole had spent years in the opposition FDC where he was District party Chairman until 2015 when he decamped to NRM. Between 2006 and 2011, he was the elected Mayor for Mayuge Town Council.

In 2016, he contested for Bunya West Member of Parliament on an independent ticket and lost.

Bayole also served I Butaleja District before his current deployment in Butaleja.

Yet Mr Bayole is just one in a family of many with political minds. Hon. Sarah Namumbya, a maternal Aunt to the Queen in waiting formally represented Mayuge District in Parliament for two five year terms. Her other political Uncle is Richard Kudeeba, a long serving member of the FDC Electoral Commission in Charge of Eastern Uganda.

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