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The news of the announcement of Joviah Mutesi as the new Inhebantu (Queen) of Busoga Kingdom has continued drawing unending debate in the public debate, stretching to the very inner details of her personal lifestyle and cultural origins.

One of the most contentious debate raging is whether the new mother of the Busoga nation is indeed a Musoga, with some reports christening her a Ugandan of a Rwandese origin. This school of origin has deservedly been explained by the fact that her surname,  Mutesi, has an identical origin in Rwanda as it has in Busoga.

But the Mutesi name has not only stirred contestation among the Banyarwanda but also in Busoga.

Right from when the Busoga Katukkiro De Joseph Muvawala Nsekere made the Kings choice public at a presser in the Kingdom Headquarters in Bugembe on Thursday, 7, the Baise Menha clan have been victoriously be chest thumping for having been the lucky clan to produce a Queen for the culturally diverse monarchy.

It’s against that background that SML news has dared to go an extra mile in digging out the new Queen’s cultural identity.

As a matter of fact, Queen Mutesi Joviah is a purely Musoga girl with both mother and father are Basoga born and raised in Busoga.

Stanley and Rebecca Nakisita Bayole of St Mulumba Village in Mayuge District. are the parents of the girl in the news.

Bayole is one of the youngest children of late Samuel Kabale Mwanja and Nabirye Mwanja while Rebecca Nakisita, Mutesi’s mother, is a daughter to Late Mzee Bogere of Kitovu village in Imanhiro sub county, Mayuge District.

Mzee Samuel Mwanja Kabale was a known polygamous respected man with three wive in three separate homesteads at St Mulumba, Kitovu and Wakalenge.

Queen Mutesi is the first born in a family of two children, another one being a 15 year old boy who studies at Kiira College Butiki in Senior One.


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