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Samuel Obwang, a senior police officer at the rank of ASP was arrested from his station of deployment in Koboko on allegations of recruiting homosexuals and selling the force’s guns to criminal gangs.

He was ultimately detained at Makindye Military barracks pending prosecution. Surprisingly, the suspect did not make it to any courts of law, be it military or civil.

Murmurs started spreading that the bad cop had stealthily knitted his way out of the highly secured military facility which rose more questions among suspicious comrades.

In a surprising turn of events, however, Obwanga has had his current images on line, indicating he is now enjoying life in Canada.

Afande Obwang as a woman in Canada

How and when he sneaked out of the country at the watchful Eye of security will forever remain debatable.

In what will rightly be termed as ” okulumya abayaaye,” the photos leaked indicate a fully transformed outlook to depict a shift towards a true homosexual as was alleged against him in Uganda. The officer has long plaited hair and piercings on his face, a true identification of the LGBTs.

While in Kampala, Afande Sam’s larger than life living had kept his seniors and juniors amazed.

Upon his deployment in West Nile, he declined sleeping in the sub grade Unipot provided by the Force and instead hired an expensive hotel where he slept. Every now and then, he would commute to Kampala take merry with friends, all at his bill!

At his rank and deployment, this kind lifestyle was beyond his means tenfold. Questions over Obwang’s source of income other than his job had remained a contested subject until his arrest and subsequent exile in Canada.

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