President Yoweri Museveni has appointed  former State House Anti Corruption Chief Col. Edith Nakalema as the head of the new State House Investors Protectorate Unit.

The new unit was revcebyly formed by the president with mandate to protect investors from bribery and extortion from corrupt politicians and civil servants.

The development was confirmed by the Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Faruk Kirunda.

Recently, President Museveni promised to set up a small unit at the State House where investors will directly report corrupt officials.

According to Gen. Museveni, Uganda was on the right track of development with an economic expansion mainly derived from raw materials such as coffee. However, the problem comes from unpatriotic and corrupt politicians and civil servants who chase away investors by making the investment environment unfriendly.

“If we add value to these [raw materials] , the economy will jump from USD 50bn to USD500bn. We can do this quickly, all we need is to bring investors to add value but the ones chasing them are the parasites and ticks in the name of civil servants. Please all of you unpatriotic civil servants, stop, because I will definitely collide with you,”he said during the International Labour Day Celebrations held on 1st May, 2023.

“The investors come here because of security and the good government policy of liberalisation. But now we have got two enemies whom I’m going to fight and you will hear the fight. Corrupt politicians and civil servants; are the ones interfering with our future,” he further warned.

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