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The divorce rate varies widely across different countries and depends on various factors like cultural, social, and economic conditions prevailing in that country. Here are some divorce rates for certain countries:

According to the list below, the top three countries with the highest rates of divorce are predominantly catholic.

1) Portugal – The divorce rate is around 94%, which means that 94 out of every 100 marriages end in divorce.

2) Spain – The divorce rate is approximately 85%, which only second to Portugal.

3) Luxembourg – The divorce rate is around 79%.

4)Russia – The divorce rate is around 73%, which the highest in Eastern Europe

5) Ukraine – The divorce rate is around 39%, following closely behind the heneighboursrs, Russia in fifth.

India, on the other hand has the best marriage survival rate in the World according to findings. For every 100 marriages, 99% are expected to laslifetimetime, with only ending in divorce. Vietnam follows in second place with 7% divorce cases while Tajikistan is in third place with 10%.

Only 14 marriages in every 100 end in divorce in Iran and 17  Mexico.

South Africa tops the stability lust in Africa along with Egypt, with both standing at 17%

Below is a detailed list showing divorce rates in the different countries.

🇮🇳India: 1%
🇻🇳Vietnam: 7%
🇹🇯Tajikistan: 10%
🇮🇷Iran: 14%
🇲🇽Mexico: 17%
🇪🇬Egypt: 17%
🇿🇦South Africa: 17%
🇧🇷Brazil: 21%
🇹🇷Turkey: 25%
🇨🇴Colombia: 30%
🇵🇱Poland: 33%
🇯🇵Japan: 35%
🇩🇪Germany: 38%
🇬🇧United Kingdom: 41%
🇳🇿New Zealand: 41%
🇦🇺Australia: 43%
🇨🇳China: 44%
🇺🇸United States: 45%
🇰🇷South Korea: 46%
🇩🇰Denmark: 46%
🇮🇹Italy: 46%
🇨🇦Canada: 47%
🇳🇱Netherlands: 48%
🇸🇪Sweden: 50%
🇨🇵France: 51%
🇧🇪Belgium: 53%
🇫🇮Finland: 55%
🇨🇺Cuba: 55%
🇺🇦Ukraine: 70%
🇷🇺Russia: 73%
🇱🇺Luxembourg: 79%
🇪🇦Spain: 85%
🇵🇹Portugal: 94%

It’s important to note that these are just general figures and may vary based on the source of the data. Additionally, divorce stats may also vary based on factors such as age, education, income, and cultural practices.

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