#Sml News has received exclusive info of a mini shakeup among Resident District/City Commissioners just months after the were appointed.

The office of the presidency minister has been carrying out internal evaluation of the RDCs since they were appointed. Some have been recalled to the secretariat while others have been redeployed.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni early this week met his former Resident District Commissioners at State House in Entebbe and told them off to concentrate on grazing their goats and leave his new RDCs to perform their duties.

President Museveni

A close source in State House told #SmlNews that the over 30 Former RDCs have been trying all routes to meet President Museveni and pout their venom. The RDCs who were sacked a couple of months ago have been complaining that they were disposed off like garbage. The RDCs claimed they had worked for Mzee victory and this was the time to reward them but they were instead dumped.

They were accusing Presidency Minister Milly Babalanda and an invisible force in her office of sidelining them. They attempted to blackmail the new appointees saying they paid to secure the deployments.

Minister for Presidency Milly Babirye Babalanda

Realising that Babalanda was unmoved by their blackmail,the former RDCs abandoned that path and sought to meet the President for other assignments and rewards. They echoed their anger to the old man but were disappointed when he told them off and urged them to support their successors perform.

Mr.Museveni confirmed in a tweet last week that he had met his former mobilizers and told them to support the new team. It has emerged that the big man okayed a release of Ugx 2 billion for his retired RDCs.

He told them to go enjoy the Parish Development Model program and be productive.

  1. I thank Hon.Babalanda for not being moved by the false accusations during her first role played during the deployment.
    No one can afford to satisfy everyone mostly when the resources to be shared are inadequate.
    Thank you SML for giving balanced and researched news .

  2. The current situation warrant alot of adjustment to create a national face that is acceptable by all,most of our people have past the retirement age others very unprofessional in handling state matters.

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