Uganda, South Korea Connect Under Schincheonji Church of Jesus to Save Lives Through Blood Donation

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Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Uganda, on May 22, conducted a group blood donation in Nansana Wakiso district to save lives under the theme, “Save Life with Shincheonji”.

The event was held with 1743 congregation members as participants who tested to donate their blood.

In order to solve the national blood shortage in South Korea, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Chairman Man-hee Lee, hereafter referred to as Shincheonji Church of Jesus), also conducted a group blood donation for two weeks from April 18 to May1.

The expected participants were 6,000 but 18,478 congregation members completed the blood donation out of 27,026 those who participated in the group blood donation.

This was in line with the fact that a total of 6,000 people participated in the donation of plasma for the development of a treatment for COVID-19 over three times at the request of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the time of the initial COVID-19, when there was no vaccine or treatment in 2020. Even at that time, while suffering the aftereffects of Corona 19 and mental difficulties, all the members of the church took steps to overcome the national crisis and received attention not only at home but also abroad.

Following the blood donation services being held at the Shincheonji Church of Jesus around the world, blood donation events were held in Uganda for all congregations and Nansana neighbors.

Just like other Countries, Uganda, which is on the rise in population, is in increasing demand for blood, including pregnant women, red blood cell patients, and malaria children, but it is pointed out that blood is insufficient due to negative perception of blood donation. In this situation, the group blood donation service of the Uganda Shincheonji Church of Jesus is esteemed to be an essential activity for Uganda.

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As a special guest, Mr Mpaulo Francis, a Representative of the Regional internal security officer, Kampala metropolitan North officiated the blood donation ceremony.

He said this is a good activity done by Shincheonji Church of Jesus members, urging other churches to copy from them, saying they showed a good heart to the nation and community.

Mr. Samuel from Uganda blood transfusion, said the activity is very good, because in hospitals there have been lack of blood and people are not willing to donate , but the good heart the members of Shincheonji have done, its really good, people in the community should admire them alot.

The Welfare Officer from Shincheonji Jesus Church Uganda, Nakacwa Christine said, ‘Just as Jesus saved many people through the shedding of blood 2000 years ago, just as the Prophet and Deacon Stephen shed blood and shed blood for martyrdom to preach the gospel to the world and practice goodness, Shincheonji Church is taking the lead in helping the world by donating blood during this difficult time of disaster around the world starting in Korea to the world world including Uganda.’

The Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “It is more meaningful because it was a blood donation that all congregations participated in with one heart. I would like to express my gratitude to the congregation members who came running to the news that they are suffering from a blood supply shortage nationwide, and we will diligently serve as light and salt and give glory to God,”

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