Concealed Wealth, IGG probes 4000 Culprits

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Deputy IGG, Miriam Wangadya, Ombudsman is investigating over 4000 leaders who concealed details of the unknown wealth

The Inspectorate of Government has commenced investigations of 4,222 leaders who did not heed the deadline to declare their assets, income and liabilities.

This was revealed on Wednesday during a press briefing by Deputy Inspector General of Government Mariam Wangadya after a backdrop that corrupt officials were using junior officers to hide their wealth

The deadline set for the declaration was the April 23 2021.

Wangadya said, these leaders now face possible prosecution and sanctioning before the leadership tribunal.

A total of 25000 leaders were expected to make declarations by March 2021. However, Wangadya said some leaders did not meet this deadline.

Under the new law that President Museveni signed last Friday public officers will be expected to make their declarations within three months contrary to the previous two-year time frame.

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