Although You Have The Desire For Change, Be Careful Who You Vote -Tumukunde

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Presidential candidate and former security minister Rtd Gen. Henry Tumukunde has cautioned the people of Acholi to be careful as they vote for change in the 2021 general election.

Tumukunde who is currently campaigning in Acholi sub- region says that although masses across the country have shown the desire for change, if they aren’t careful who they vote, it they may take the country back into anarchy.

While speaking to a gathering at Atyak sub-county in Amuru district today, Tumukunde asked the voters to consider him because he is the only experienced candidate who can drive this country forward
after president Museveni.

“No one can manage Mr. Museveni apart from me, after 35 years of loss what do you think can be done? Those are wars of general’s don’t bring corporals to fight for you. Remember if you vote generally you will get general results but if you vote particularly you will get particular results.” Said Tumukunde

Tumukunde who said he worked in the region for four years as a Division commander 04 noted he knows all the problems in the area more than any other candidate.

“Vote me as president to end the problems of internally displaced people, land issues and child marriages in Acholi if not you will end up counting a total loss of 40 years when your children/youth have no jobs yet it’s possible to change your lifestyle with your vote as long as you vote wisely.” added Tumukunde

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